Create a New Product 

 Go to the Vendor Panel at and login with your Vendor credentials

Click on Products

 Click on Physical Products

Click on All Products

➔ Click on Create Product button. 

Product Title: Requires title of the product.

The Product Title is where you input the Title of your ArtWork. Ensure that this Title is clear enough to provide an instant depiction of your Art Product. The Title of your product must state in very clear terms what your product is about.
 It is important to note that your Product Title will contribute to increasing the visibility of your product in the results of searches done on the website or with searches on Google and other search engines. It advised that your title, in addition to the name of your product, includes the category or sub-category of the product, and other details that would make the product easily located through searches.

E.g. When listing a painting named “Lady Of Orbs”, a good title could be “Lady Of Orbs -Abstract Painting (22x22 Inches)”. This would enable your product to appear in search results when keywords such as “Painting”, “Abstract” or “22 Inches” are searched.

Select a Category for the product

Select a Sub-category (The Sub-category is the area where the vendor selects exactly where the ArtWork belongs).

Select the Brand (i.e. the distinct feature which applies to that sub-category of product).

Unit: Vendor can select different types of unit (Please note that this represents measurement such as Piece, Kg, packet etc.) according to the product.The unit option allows the vendor to indicate how the product's type is measured.

 For example, if you have a painting or sculpture to sell, use Piece or Pc and if you have art material that is measured in weight use kg or gram and if you have art supplies measured in packs, use pack or packet etc.

Note: Do not include any numbers when specifying units. After product creation is completed, the vendor can update the quantity of the product in stock by following the procedures for increasing or reducing stock (This explained further in this manual).
Tags: Vendor can provide different tags for the product. The Tags are similar to the popular #Hashtags and make finding your products easier. Tags are also useful for your products during the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of ArtHub.

Image: Vendor can upload an image of the product. You are required to upload clear images that serve as a visual aid to your customers. It is in your best interest that these images should be enough to describe your product in detail. You are allowed to upload as many images as possible by selecting multiple images from your directory/gallery to upload at once. Make sure your images portray to a very good extent what the customers are expected to receive.

Description: Vendor can provide a detailed description of a product. The Description allows vendors to change the text format, add an image or video, provide a link to the description etc. This allows vendors to provide detailed and comprehensive information on their product to make it more marketable to customers. The Description should be well detailed with relevant information about the physical product. Vendors are therefore strongly advised to ensure that the Descriptions they provide are sufficient to leave customers satisfied about the products they will be receiving.

 ArtHub ensures that the customers are fully informed on the specifications of the product they are purchasing, therefore vendors must include these primary detailed specifications given below in the Description to make it easier for customers.

  • Size/dimensions of the product (HxW in meters, inches or cm)
  • Whether or not the product is framed. If so, indicate frame type (Wooden, Gold, Silver etc.)
  • The medium used for paintings (eg. Oil paint, Acrylic paint etc.)
  • The material used for artworks such as sculptures (eg. Wood, bronze, clay, ivory etc.)
  • Weight of the product (Optional but recommended)
  • Warranty available to customers (minimum of twenty (24) hours)
  • Indicate estimated delivery time of your product (please see The Comprehensive Vendor Manual to learn how to update delivery status in the vendor panel).

Add More Fields: Vendor can add more features for a product by clicking on the Add More Fields button.  E.g If the artwork is from contemporary, modern or the renaissance era, the vendor can create a field called Era and then insert the corresponding era.

Click Next to navigate to the Business Details Section. 
Selling Price:  Input the Selling Price for your product in the box.The Selling Price is the final price of the product or service offered to the customers
Purchase Price: The price Vendor pays for buying a product. For those vendors who produce their art works, the Purchase Price represents your cost in creating the product. Inputting the Purchase Price enables the system to assist you in calculating your profit margins and to collect certain useful reports on the vendor dashboard.

  Shipping Cost: The Shipping Cost should be an approximate value that applies to nationwide delivery within Nigeria, which will be added to customer’s total fee during checkout.

Tip: For beginners (Vendors new to shipping orders) shipping cost can be a flat estimate (eg. N1,500) across all products, bearing in mind that shipping some products will cost more or less than the estimated amount, and therefore would average out in the long run.
After more experience shipping to customers, vendors are expected to have had a better idea of the actual Shipping Costs of their various products and are advised to update them accordingly.
Product Tax: Vendor can add a tax of a product which will be added to the customers shopping cart. The Product Tax on items is 7.5% in Nigeria; This is subject to local and federal tax regulatory changes.

Product Tax should be calculated against the Selling Price of your product; For example, if your product’s Selling Price is N1000, your Product Tax will be 7.5% of N1000 which equals to N75.

Note: For vendors outside of Nigeria, the tax regulation in their respective countries apply.
Product DiscountIf the vendor is willing to provide certain discounts and offers for their products, they will state by how much in currency or percentage (%) value in the Product Discount section.

Both Product Tax and Product Discount can be added either in currency or percentage.  Click Next to navigate to the Customer Choice Option Section. 

Here Vendor can provide different options such as colours, available sizes of a product or any other choices for the product which the vendor may wish to include for the customers.

For example, if a sculpture is available in 3 different colours, you can add the three different colour options by clicking on Add More Colours.

Clicking on Add More Options will open up an additional field for selecting the options available to customers.

Also you can customize the categories and options to be made available to potential buyers.

 Click Upload to create the product.