Manage Product  

After creating a product, it will be listed in the product table. All the existing Products will be managed from there. Vendors can use the search box on the top-right part of the stock list table to search for a specific products by name. Actions such as specifying the quantity in stock, updating the discount value and even deletion can be done for each product. To manage uploaded products:

  • Click on Products on the left pane

  • Select Physical Products

  • Click All Products to view the product table and the available options to manage your product.

➔Stock: Vendor can increase/decrease stock from here.

This can be done via the All Products tab and by clicking on the +Stock option.

Once you have specified how many products you have in stock, click save to update your product quantity.

Note: Your product will remain as ‘out of stock’ until you specify how many products are readily available.

➔Destroy: Vendor can decrease the stock quantity. The destroyed product number will be reduced from the product stock. This can be done via the All Products tab and by clicking on the -Destroy option.

➔Edit: Vendor can edit the specifications of an existing product from here. 
➔Delete: Vendor can delete any uploaded product. 
➔Publish/Unpublish: Vendor can publish/unpublish a product. 
Until you Publish your product, it will not be posted on the ArtHub platform and will not be visible to potential customers.
Ensure you Publish your product one you are certain you have correctly filled in the details as stated in the previous instructions above.
Once you Publish your product; everyone will be able to access and order your published product.
If your product becomes unavailable, it would display out of stock on the website. You may wish to Unpublish it if you would prefer it hidden from customers.

➔Feature/Unfeature: Vendor can select a Feature/Unfeature product from here. 
The Feature option enables the Vendor to feature that particular product on the Vendor’s store page on the ArtHub site, to make it more accessible to customers visiting his/her store on the website. 

Note: A product featured by a vendor can only appear on the vendor’s ArtHub store page and not on the main ArtHub Homepage. Featuring on the main ArtHub homepage is premium service offered to vendors to expose their products and make it more accessible visitors on the site. Please contact us for more information on premium features.