Product Stock


In the Product Stock section, vendors can view the stock of their products in a table. Vendor can also add new stock or destroy existing stock.

Go to the Vendor Panel at and login with your Vendor credentials

 Click on Products on the left pane

 Click on Physical Products

 Click on Product Stock

Create New Stock

To create new stock ➔click Create Stock button. 

➔ Choose a Category, then select a Sub-category 

➔ Select the Product of which stock you need to create.  

➔ Add the Quantity of the selected product to be stocked. 

➔ Rate is the cost price per unit of the selected product, which would be populated automatically with the cost price vendor inputted when creating the product. If the cost price of the new product is different from the default, a vendor can adjust the Rate, otherwise, it is to be left unchanged.

➔Total is also displayed by default and the value is Quantity x Rate per unit. 

➔ A vendor can add a Reason Note if needed.  

➔ Click on the Save button to save the changes otherwise click on the Cancel button.  

Destroy Existing Stock 

➔ To destroy existing stocks click on the Destroy button. 
Vendors can decrease the stock quantity of a product by selecting the product, quantity of product unit and the reason (optional) for decreasing stock.