Vendors can view the details of sales (orders received from customers), update the delivery status of the orders or delete them.

Go to the Vendor Panel at and login with your Vendor credentials

➔ Click on Sale on the left pane.
 A list of the all the pending and completed orders will appear, enabling the vendor to view an invoice, change delivery status or delete order completely.

 View Order Details
 To view the details of a sale/order, click on the Full Invoice option in Options column.

 Change Delivery Status
To change the delivery status of a sale/order, click on the Delivery Status option in Options column. A vendor can set the delivery status to the following:

Pending – When a product is yet to be dispatched (this is the default status).
On Delivery – When the product has been dispatched. 
Delivered – When the delivery has been completed. 

Note: When a vendor changes, delivery status to Delivered, ArtHub customer service will verify delivery and product satisfaction from the customer before making payment to a vendor.

Payment from Admin
Vendors can view payments that have been processed by admin. This enables the Vendors to keep track of the income that has been generated throughout selling on ArtHub. To view ➔click on Payment from Admin on the left plane.