Create Coupon


To create a coupon, Go to the Vendor Panel at and login with your Vendor credentials

Click on Discount Coupon from the menu on the left pane.

Click on Create Coupon

Fill in the detail in the form that appears, to create your coupon.

Coupon Title: Vendor is to Input the title of the coupon. E.g. “10% Off On Oil Paintings”.

Valid Till: Vendor can select the duration of the coupon’s validity, by selecting the end date from the inbuilt calendar. Validity begins immediately coupon is created.

Choose Product: Vendor can select the products that are covered by the Discount Coupon. After selecting a product, simply click again on the Choose Product box to select another product. (Multiple products can be selected here, i.e. vendor can create a coupon that covers all his/her products across all categories).

Coupon Code: Vendor can create any coupon code (alphabets and numbers can be used) which the customer can use to redeem the coupon during checkout.

Discount Type: Select if the discount is calculated in Percentage or Amount (specific amount to discount).

Discount Value: Input value to be discounted. If Percentage was selected as Discount Type, then input the value of the percentage discount and if Amount was selected as Discount Type, then input amount of money to be discounted.

Click Save to create a discount.