Aloré (Oil Painting) (3ft by 4ft)

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Title: VALORÉ 

Medium: oil on canvas

Size: 3 by 4 ft

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Simply know this, that am yours, 

Plain and simple and that am a queen and I know where am from, 

Not bought but given willingly by love, 

Cowries and cows, nuts and palms are not my worth, 

By my stripes you can tell the length of my sacrifice, 

By my toes you can tell how far I have come and journeyed, 

My adorning thread speak highly of me, 

Check my neck, you can tell by my beads that I am not ordinary, 

I am freely, if you let me I could turn your tables around, 

Pleasures I can give, in immeasurable bits, 

Words I can speak, so much light I can bring, 

On your rather sober days, I'd be by yours to burn your  inscence and lift your spirit, 

But if you ever try to darken my shade,

 if i am ever diminshed in your mind, banished from your bed, 

if on another you suckle, if you sort another for your pleasure, 

 if you wither my flower,  If my bough is slightly broken by your hands, and a single tears is drawn out of my eyes, 

 I promise, 

I would leave your reign and never return.

This painting is taking about a woman who knows her worth and won't settle for less, she's aware of her quality and value, her background she's direct and focus , a lady who doesn't tolerate any form of disrespect.

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