The Aura of you (Acrylic Painting) 2ft×3ft

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medium: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 2ft by 3 ft

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I know and have heard of you, 

Your warm adventures and shimmering abode,

Stories of how You loiter, you sniff like an hungry rat, you lay wait on the next broad to rapt, 

King's queens, their slaves and princesses have all heeded to your manly arousal 

Only  by their mouth I have heard tales of how women are served for your ample pleasure, 

Many have called you fair but your beauty is far from fair

Your trickery  shams,  even wise women seem to have  lost their relevance at the sight of you, 

Your songs, of sounds  like that of a fluttering bird that makes them want to remain, 

The maidens lay wait, the one who you can't tame would rather be a myth 

Your hypnotism, only I wondered but now I see

I always thought I was of steel, but the awe of you has turned me cold, broken me into rusty pieces,


Take me home, take me whole, 

Perhaps tonight i could be one of your painless win, somewhat a hopeless spoil, 

Giving me doses of that cold-less feel, 

Hold my hands and give me chance to get a piece, 

For I am lost in the aura of you. 

And I never want to leave.

The story behind this painting, is a story of a lady who felt she was of steel and difficult to get , that wouldn't easily fall in love ,but then she came across this guys , who has been the talk of the town by other ladies , she was amazed by his aura and was blown away by his personality and her heart was melted, She couldn't resist and she fell for him.

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