HUM AND HAW (Acrylic Painting) [91cm × 121cm]

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medium: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 91cm ×121cm

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HUM AND HAW.. how dreams Slowly die. 

The first time I saw her

She was hard as a rock, 

Stubborn as a goat, yet clever  as a crow, 

She was young, fresh like a new born, 

She was as the sunrise on the sea, filled with many promises, 

She was like a queen, with her hidden crowns, 

She felt like  a lady but her love was like that of woman, 

She's was as promising as a cloudy sky, 

In the eyes of the town she would become the golden one, 

She was hale, strong as the wild

The next time we saw, 

She's now faraway, far gone, far from her dreams, 

Lost in the struggle to cater, day and night through the grill. 

Bearing the burden of a broken roof and a drunken husband, 

She has left her prime for She was with child, 

Her eyes were twitching, her necks were thin, 

Her barrows were empty, empty as the dark,

But her hope seemed to sparkle still like a new lights, 

Even I her weakness, she choose to believe, 

Her faith never wavered, hidden deep within her pain

Hoping to carve her name on the sky, measuring weathers and telling seasons, 


The last time we saw

Time were far gone, 

Her eyes were so sore, tears of pain and regret,  

Her wings were withered and was void of strength to proceed 

Sorrows spewed through her, Her smile were not the kind I used to know, 

Seeing she couldn't fly no longer, Nothing to see except thick bushes and over ripen lemons, 

she was going to build a home among the stars, shelter among the heavens, 

Perhaps she couldn't soar, maybe her child will.

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