ECSTACY (Oil Painting) 91cm by 121cm

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Title: Ecstasy

Medium: oil on canvas

Size: 91cm by 121cm

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She said, 

Strip me off my cloth 

Help me understand my body 

Slowly Shower me with kisses that weakens  my wholeness 

Let your lips be on mine 

Till I submit to you,

Stretch me out like a canvas,

Fondle me like a paper 

Caress me till I loose myself 

Press me so hard till you overcome me,

Bury my face in the couch,

Let your foreskin play around my thighs,

Supply me with pleasure till my breathe becomes so heavy,


Let your tongue salivate me all over

Greasing my entire system,

Show me your methods 

Violate my privacy,

Intrude my most sacred 

Rap around me like a towel,

Let my sweat Lubricate your skin, 

Make me feel love to my stomach 

Bring me to your own heaven 

Bath me with your own light 

Clinge me towards you 

Let me lie over you,

Hurt me so bad, don't pamper me at all,

Let your fingers be within me to make me feel nice,

Then bring yourself into me, 

Penetrate me, 

Pound me hard till my heart  sing songs of felicity 

Pound me till my liquid pour,

Fill me with the euphoria of you,

Let me blush at your swiftness and naughtiness 

Cast me off the nothingness that lives inside of me,

Put your body in mine, let's wrestle 

Play around my genitals,

Let's slam, 

Turn me over and handle me like a business,

Handle me with aggression 

Dominate my realm,

Rule my flesh, 

Fill my lungs with  your strength,

Search me in my deepest 

Dig me towards satisfaction,

So hard till my moaning is as loud as music  

Make me feel like a woman and when you done, 

Leave a glob of your liquid  inside  me

or outside, maybe?..!!

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